A Texas Tradition

Garner State Park has been a family tradition since it was established in 1941. Providing the unique nightly summer dance along with traditional camping and nature activities, it keeps families coming back year after year, making it the most visited overnight state park in Texas.

Rimkus Management:

The concessions inside of Garner State Park are contracted to a private company-Rimkus Management.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife receive 15-25% of all revenue generated by this company through sales, rentals and online purchases.  Rimkus Management has been operating inside of Garner State Park since 2001.  This website is owned and operated by Rimkus Management and is offered as a source of information primarily for the concessions. If you need information regarding camping and reservations, please contact Texas Parks and Wildlife.

You are listening to Garner State Park sung by Ronnie Ricks
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